Build Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

This is an introductory course on fundamentals of blockchain.

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Learn blockchain
What you will learn
Data Analytic Consultant
Get to know how bitcoin and ethereum works
AI startup Founder
Get to know how blockchain applies to finance ,healthcare , supply chain and even music
Data Scientist
NLP Engineer
Cryptocurrency exchanges
Data Analyst
(Decentralized applications)
Machine Learning Engineer
Smart contracts
Course duration
6 weeks

6 weeks

Course cost
70,000 Kes ( 700 USD )

35,000 Kes ( 350 USD )

How will the course be conducted
fully online

The course is fully online.

1 hour of theory

In each lesson, there will be 1 hour of theory and 1 hour to play around with the blockchain and blockchain related technologies

Guest lectures

Guest lectures from people building crypto companies.

Course Requirements




Curious mind

Curious mind that is ready and willing to learn.

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